Discipline in the campus is of utmost importance to ensure peace and harmony. Any incident of indiscipline should be tackled immediately by the concerned authorities and necessary action should be taken to avoid recurrence of such incidents in future. Therefore there is a need to have standard operating procedure for prompt and immediate action by concerned authorities at different levels.

Academic Areas

Academic includes the classrooms, labs, library, examination halls or any other area forming part of the academic buildings. All cases / incidents of indiscipline in these areas will fall under the preview of the Head-Administration. However all cases of Malpractice during Examinations will be dealt as per the procedure and norms covered under Unfair means. The following will constitute Academic Indiscipline:

1. Absence from classes with no prior intimation and approval
2. General conduct of students in the class rooms, library and labs.
3. Examinee copying during examination by any means.
4. Possessing / using unauthorized materials or documents.
5. Failing to thoroughly follow instructions related to the preparation and presentation of work submitted for credit.
6. Plagiarism

Method of Reporting and disposal of cases

a) Any breach of discipline will be reported immediately on occurrence to the Head Administration
b) The Head-Administration will conduct preliminary enquiry of the indisciplinary act. The statements will be recorded. The matter if not very serious will be disposed off at the Head Administration’s level after issuing strict warning in writing. The same will go to the student’s file and a copy will be handed over to the mentor and Discipline relate file.
c) If the matter is serious the Head Administration will call upon Academic Committee meeting. The Student will remain suspended from the classes till the proceedings of Academic Committee meeting are conducted. The Committee will investigate the complete issue. If required the parents will also be called to attend the meeting. The Committee will complete its proceedings within a maximum of ten days. The decision as recommended by the Committee will be conveyed in writing to the student. A copy of the same will go to the parents, student file, mentor and the Academic In disciplinary case file.
d) In case the examinee is found copying from any means the invigilator will confiscate the material used for copying, mention remarks on the answer sheet signed by both invigilator and examinee. The examinee will be handed over to the Examination office. The Head Administration will look into the matter. In case of minor issue the examinee will be warned and a new answer sheet will b issued. The Head Administration will mention the penalty in terms of marks on the original answer sheet which will later be attached with the new answer sheet. This answer sheet will be packed separately while handing over to the examiner. In case of severe offence the Head Administration will call upon the Academic Committee who will then suggest the action to be taken as per Unfair Means Policy.
e) In case the student’s work shows plagiarized material ,the assessor should attach the report / copies of sources of material. The work in which alleged academic misconduct is identified would be withdrawn from the assessment process until any investigation into alleged misconduct has been concluded. A student would be informed that this has occurred. The committee will submit it’s report which would be informed in writing to the student. A copy of the same will go to the parents, student file, mentor and the Academic Indisciplinary case file.

Institutional Indiscipline

Institutional Indiscipline will include all those activities that can affect the IILM community at large or those that can affect the property of the Institute itself. Any conduct that interferes with the operations of the Institute will be referred as Institutional Indiscipline. The following will constitute Institutional Indiscipline –

A General

i) Ragging in any form is prohibited in the premise
ii) Failing to comply with orders or directives of IILM officials, Institute Security Personnel, or any other law enforcement officers acting in the performance of their duties.
iii) Damage, defacement, or destruction of any private or Institute property.
iv) Violation and/or sabotage of safety systems
v) Organization or participation in activities which are in violation of IILM policy related to demonstrations and/or assemblies.
vi) Sexual Harassment/misconduct: Offensive or derogatory comments or conducts reflecting gender-bias.
vii) Possession of firearms or any weapons.
viii) Use or possession of a controlled substance,
ix) Any kind of misbehavior or fight in Sports grounds including Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and Badminton Courts and all open areas in the campus.

All such issues will fall under the purview of Head Administration Students. The matter will be reported to the Head Administration by any witness or the aggrieved party. The Head Administration will arrange for preliminary investigation and recording of statements of persons involved. In case the Head Administration examines the case to be a minor incident the case will be disposed off by the Head Administration. The preliminary investigation report and action taken report will be sent to Director for perusal and entry in the student’s personal files .The Head Administration will issue a strict warning to the concerned parties in writing.

In case of a major offence the Head Administration will invite Disciplinary Committee meeting and all concerned students will remain suspended from the classes. The Committee will conduct and complete the proceedings within a maximum of ten days. The Committee will submit it’s report and punitive action to be taken against the concerned students in writing. The same will be provided to the students in writing along with a copy to be handed over to the parents, mentor and case file for In disciplinary issues.

*Any issue related to Sexual Harassment will be dealt separately by the Sexual Harassment Committee. The Head Administration students will report the matter to the Convenor of the Committee who will call upon the meeting to initiate the proceedings within 24 hours of the reporting of matter.

Placement related

The following will constitute Institutional Indiscipline related to placement issues:
Applying for a company but not appearing for the process.
Reaching late for the process
Misrepresenting self /misbehaving with company officials
Accepting an offer but later on refusing to join the company
All such issues will fall under the purview of Head Placements. The concerned student will be notified in writing and called for an explanation to the Placements Committee headed by the Director. The student will be asked to submit an explanation. The Committee will review the case and based upon the seriousness of the issue punitive action will be recommended as mentioned in the Placement policy.

Hostels/Canteen/Food Court/Recreation hall

This area will include the area of all the boys and girls’ hostels/canteen / Dining Area /Recreational Hall. All cases / incidents in these areas will fall under the preview of Chief Warden. The following activities will constitute indiscipline

i) Damaging any hostel property
ii) Using items/ electronic appliances not permitted for personal use
iii) Keeping with them any fire arms or weapons even if they possess license thereof
iv) Consumption of narcotics, alcoholic beverages, smoking etc.
v) Allowing guests and outsiders in the rooms’
vi) Going out of station without prior permission
vii) Any act of manhandling, group fighting, intimidation or violence,
viii) Ragging would be considered a serious offence.
ix) Disturbing anybody with their behavior.
x) Not following the hostel timings
xi) Not making proper entries in the register

Method of Reporting and disposal of cases.

All such issues related to Hostel discipline will fall under the purview of Chief Warden
a) Any Breach of discipline in these areas will be reported immediately on occurrence to Hostel Supervisor by any witness who observes it, any person who gets information of the incident, or the aggrieved party. The Hostel Supervisor should immediately inform the Chief Warden and also inform Hostel Warden.
b) Chief Warden to immediately arrange for carrying out a preliminary enquiry and start process of recording statements of persons involved.
c) Chief Warden should either dispose of the case at his level, by issuing strict warning to the concerned parties in writing. If the case is disposed of by Chief Warden, then the preliminary report with findings and action taken will be sent to Head Administration (SA) and then to Director for information and entry in the student’s personal file OR
d) He should forward the Preliminary report with the recorded statements to the Hostel Disciplinary Committee for further disposal of the case. The Committee will review the case within 2 working days and submit it’s recommendations regarding the punitive action to be taken.


1) The student should be invited in writing to attend the meeting where the case will be considered and should be given notice of at least five working days. The following should be included with the notice:
(a) Details of the alleged offence
(b) The evidence under consideration;
(c) A request for a statement from the student;
(d) Details of the website containing the Procedures; Student Discipline Policy and Procedures Date:
(e) Details of the date, time and place set for the meeting;
(f) The right to be accompanied at the meeting.

2) Appeal Procedures
IILM Graduate School of Management (IGSM), Greater Noida has an effective mechanism in place to deal with day to day grievances related to our students. The Grievance Redressal Cell of IGSM has been constituted with an aim to maintain a congenial, academic and working environment for the students. Any student with grievances may approach the Grievance Redressal Cell and submit his/her grievance in writing to the Member. Further, the complaints can also be sent through e-mail to director@iilmgsm.ac.in

Student Grievance Form


S. No Name Designation Mobile No.
1 Dr. Taruna Gautam, Director Chairperson 9911416025
2 Dr. Rajkishan Nair, Professor Member 9990057444
3 Dr. Sonika Sharma, Associate Professor Member 9899411316
4 Col. V. K.S. Kushwaha, Head – Security & Safety Member 8076236191
5 Mr. Aditya Verma, Student Special Invitee 7631318926
6 Ms. Tushar Sinha, Student Special Invitee 8076059313


S. No. Name Designation Mobile No.
1 Dr. Taruna Gautam Director 9911416025
2 Mr. P. K. Singh, ACP, Police Administration Member 8595902526
3 Mr. Bharat Sharma, Local Media Member 9871493277
4 Natasha Ahluwalia, Hemkunt Foundation NGO involved in youth activities Member 9811097267
5 Dr. Rajkishan Nair, Professor Member 9990057444
6 Dr. Shivi Mittal, Assistant Professor Member 8860135500
8 Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Assistant Professor Member 9669498076
9 Dr. Shyamali Satpathy, Professor Member 9811596589
10 Col. V. K.S. Kushwaha, Head – Security & Safety Member 8076236191
11 Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Warden Member 7838547324
12 Mr. Shibu Thomas, Warden Member 7994573189
13 Mr. Vysyaraju Vinay (PGDM 2nd year) , Student Member 9160859360
14 Mr Kamran Khan (PGDM 1st year), Student Member 8860241783
15 Mr Kailash Chandra Rout, Parent Member 9348004654
16 Mr. Dharmendra Kumar, Non Teaching Staff Member 7827975669


S. No Name Designation Representative from Contact No
1 Dr. Sonika Sharma Presiding Officer Institute 9899411316
2 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Member Institute 9669498076
3 Dr. Shyamali Satpathy Member Institute 9811596589
4 Mr. O.P. Sharma Member Institute 9717582494
5 Col. V. K.S. Kushwaha Member Institute 8076236191
6 Ms Sonia Student Representative (Girls) Institute 995316706
7 Ms Virkyn Kaul Student Representative (Girls) Institute 7780960778
8 Mr Sangam Mahapatra Student Representative (Boys) Institute 9938675732
9 Mohamad Akram Member (Advocate) Person familiar with the issue related to sexual harassment 9899350599


S. No Name Designation Mobile No.
1 Dr. Taruna Gautam Director 9911416025
2 Mr. O.P. Sharma Member 9717582494
3 Dr. Sonika Sharma Member 9899411316
4 Mr. Yash Panwar Member 7982517094