In a globalized, market-driven and interconnected world, both, individuals as well as institutions are attempting to make a trans-cultural impact. The need of the hour is to produce men and women who are change masters, with a passion for innovation and ability to lead in a global environment. In such a scenario, a knowledge worker who can work at the cutting edge of technology, add value to the bottom-line, and provide competitive advantage to an organization is a valued asset. The Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (IILM) Graduate School of Management was established in 1993 with the intent to impart quality education in the field of management and equip young people with knowledge and skills, which would help them in making meaningful contribution to the needs of the country while facing the challenges of global competition.

I am very happy that IILM Graduate School of Management has fulfilled this mandate and has grown from strength to strength. The PGDM programme of IILM Graduate School of Management, with its sustained quality, both in terms of content and delivery, has contributed to IILM’s Graduate School of Management entry into the top league of Business Schools in India. Today, the Institute ranks among the top 20 Business Schools in the country, which bears testimony to a continuous emphasis on quality education. IILM Graduate School of Management has been able to prepare its graduates for successful lifetime careers and has been producing successful business administration talent in the country

Academic excellence, holistic education, innovative approach, and global relevance continue to be the cornerstones of IILM Graduate School of Management’s educational philosophy. I am confident that these four will continue to be the determinants of the teaching-learning process at IILM Graduate School of Management.

Dr. Kulwant Rai

Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Governors