Personal Leadership Programme/Career Development Programme

PLP has been designed to help students develop self-knowledge and interpersonal skills by introducing a set of learning experiences throughout the PGDM programme that give opportunities to enhance self-awareness, awareness of others, and clear actionable developmental pathways to promote effectively working with others.
The purpose of the PLP is to:

Help students learn through the myriad of experiences
Improve their group interactions and teamwork
Help understand and work more effectively with individual differences (e.g., personality, culture, experience, etc.) and group-level phenomena (e.g., goal conflicts, suppression of information, lack of coordination and planning, leadership emergence, team performance, etc.).
Help students work on their blind spots and turn awareness into concrete behavioral action plans

CDP is an exciting and unique aspect of the curriculum at IILM.

The objectives of CDP:
Enable students to understand the importance of career planning
Equipping students with the right skill sets – Improving employability
Understand the various industries, sectors, professions, and roles
Network with professionals for a better understanding – Develop SMART goals to build a desirable profile from entry to exit at IILM