Q1 When will the classes start?

We will be following UGC and AICTE Guidelines. Your Pre-Term Engagement will start from 1st June’ 2020 and as per the latest guidelines your classes will start from 1st August’2020. Should there be any changes, mentors will duly inform you.

Q2 Will we get our study material?

All the study material will be made available through our Learning Management System (LMS). We will create your ERP Accounts, Once you login to these accounts, you will be able to see the course content (Course Modules, Books, Case Studies, Videos, Assignments, Any other Reading Material) You will be able to download the same. We will also give you access to recorded lectures on ERP as well as the same will be uploaded on IILM GSM Greater Noida Youtube Channel.

Q3 What will be the placement scenario when I pass out after 2 years, as the economic condition will be effected due to this pandemic?

IILM has a long history of 27 years of post graduate education. We are networked with more than 400 companies with regards to placement. Placement process starts from 2021 when you start applying to summer internship programs. With regards to final placement we are taking additional steps, IILM has a strong pedagogy which will help you prepare for your placement process. We had an excellent placement record for the batch 2020. You will be extremely successful

Q4 What is my safety regarding staying in the hostel?

We ensure your safety when you are in campus. We have Col. Kushwaha as our Head Security who is NSG Instructor, Black Cat Commando. Campus is guarded day and night by Retd. Army Commanders. As far as girls are concerned, we have trained lady warden, strict procedures are laid out with regards to moving in and out.

Q5 Will there be any revision classes when the campus reopens?

It totally depends on when we can resume the face to face classes following the AICTE Guidelines. We will be moving the course ahead taking forward the learning from online classes. If there is a requirement, we will recapitulate the learning in physical class. Revision of the entire course will not happen. Furthermore, we have a strong curriculum of Remedial Classes. Should a student or group of students face challenge in any of the modules, remedial classes/ tutorials can be organised.

Q6 What are the basic foundation courses student will be engaged in before joining the formal classes?

We have foundation courses in Accounts, Business Mathematics, English Communication, Statistics & Economics to bring you at par before the classes start.

Q7 Till what time will the course be delivered in online mode?

Till the time we are fully satisfied, that the hygiene is in place, and the health of the student will not get affected, the campus will be happy to welcome all the students. We will not risk health of anyone and we ensure you till that time a student will have complete feel of a physical classroom in virtual mode as well. Also, we will abide by the regulations issued by AICTE on opening of the campus, ensuring the safety of students, the same will also be updated on Website Page on Covid-19.

Q8 How will the classes commence from 1st August as the result of Graduation Final Year wont be declared by then?

Till the time we have your final result, your admission remains probational. Once you submit your final result certificates, your admission is confirmed. In case you have any main/supplementary exams pending you can apply for leave and go ahead with the same.

Q9 Will this Covid-19 affect the Global Study/ Trek?

Global Study is a very significant and important ingredient of our management program. In the present scenario, we do not foresee any global study in the year 2020. We have partnered with 11 educational institutions worldwide. We will wait for the situatations to improve. We will take a balanced decision depending on the scenario of the host country in the year 2021.However, it will be our endevaour to stick to our promise that we have given you.

Q10 What is the expected package of a HR student who is having two years of work experience with TCS?

It depends on the kind of HR profile, whether is a HR Generalist role or Talent Acquisition, the salary package varies between 5 L to 12 L and above. Our priority is to prepare you in accordance with your career goal. We have had from top 4 recruiters globally. Also, from India like ABC consultant, InfoEdge, RGF and Gartner etc. Whereas, recently Frontiso had given a package of 8.75 Lacs. 2 Years of experience is a good experience which may give you an edge. Also, you are open to share your top 3 dream companies as a part of career goals.

Q11 Since the present services are going to change on the digital medium. Are the courses are also going to change as per market requirement?

If you go through our list of courses they are very contemporary and as per market requirement. For e.g., In Marketing- Digital Marketing, HR- Recruitment through online medium and Data Analytics etc. We have already shifted to the courses which will make you ready for the market. From Placement point of view, IILM also strongly believes to connect the students with the Industry professional through Webinars to update you on the skill set you may be needing at the time when you are about to graduate.

Q12 Is it possible to have a group with our faculty and our batch mates before we start off with the course?

Each of the student will be tagged with the faculty mentor before any engagements start. We may opt for Microsoft Team and Zoom for having the conversations in case of a query arises. Also, Once in a fortnight we may be having theme based webinars depending on the topic/ requirement. This may be communicated with you.

Q13 If the situation does’nt resolve, how will my examination happen?

Initially you will study on the online mode. The examination will be conducted as per AICTE advice if it is Online or face to face mode. Additionaly, for the present batches we have successfully conducted Online Examinations. Also, we have had 2 trial/ guidance sessions with the students on how to go about submitting their submissions on the ERP. We are making all possible efforts to make online learning as good as face to face learning.

Q14 What is the median Salary at IILM?

The median salary for the 5.1 Lac. For the top 50 Percentile of the batch, it has risen to 7.5 Lac for the graduating batch. One of our Engineer students who had got the offer from Middle East had received a package of 19 Lac.

Q15 Would COVID -19 Impact our Internship?

Paid Internship in Digital Marketing are likely to go up. Placement team are doing a job 24 x7 for Virtual Internship s. Please be assured more than number of students, we have number of Internship offers. We also had 3-4 internationally based companies that offered internships despite the lockdown impact. Two students were also awarded internships with UN Global Compact in the HR Specialization.

Q16 Will the Online Learning Experience will have the same experience as face to face?

When we conduct your courses, we would be having discussion forum, engaging online teaching. It is a new and fascinating experience for all of us. We would guide you through on how online classes would be done, how assessments have to be uploaded. Additionally, we will encourage having smaller groups to have a better feel of the classroom so that effectively sessions can be taken and guiding sessions will be taken for same.

Q17 Which courses shall we take before we come ahead for classes?

We have a tie up with the course era, wherein thousands of courses are available. We will send you a link through which you can enrol courses on these platforms. You can get in touch with your mentors to identify which platforms are better for post graduation. Till September all Course era courses are free for our students.

Q18 Only Indian Companies or the foreign companies do also come at campus?

Some of the Global companies, MNC’s and Indian Companies do come at our campus. From the graduating batch we had 8 students who had got International offers.15 Companies are from the International Domain. 40-50 % of the companies are multinational.

Q19 What if my M. Com examinations are delayed?

Till the time we are having digital sessions, it would not be a challenge as all the recourses would be available to you

Q20 What would be the schedule for the Online classes?

All the Online classes will be scheduled between 9 to 2 pm. One hour duration each class and break of 15 min. Between 2 consecutive classes. You are free to write on the discussion board to your faculty on ERP. Also, once we share your faculty contact number all your doubts can be cleared.

Q21 As the second year is Important and equally the first year. Would Digital learning help resolve our query?

Please be assured of your learning through digital mode as we would be more proactive in resolving your query. We would send you more resourses. We have a capability to share the recorded lectures through Learning Management Systems. We can further have a Webinar on Virtual Learning Sessions to make you comfortable on this.

Q22 Would the Fees structure change as we are not availing the hostel facility?

Please be assured we understand your concerns. Once the college opens, as per the AICTE Guidelines it will be decided and will be communicated to all. We are having discussions on the same and the result will be suitable.

Q23 How would the student Engagement happen?

We have roaster planned a rooster on various student engagement activities. These are academic and non academic activities, which will help you understand your peers, work in a team and take decision in this current virtual environment. Once you get settled in the campus we will start our club activities which are organised by students.

Q24 What would be the Dress code?

As you are here for a professional course we would appreciate if the students are dressed in formals especially during Guest lectures/ Webinars/ Presentations.

Q25 What kind of food do you serve in the hostel?

IILM also focuses on the health and nutrition of their students. Since most of our activities are student driven; even the menu is decided by students under the guidance of our nutritionist and faculty. We ensure food is hygienically cooked, is part of a balanced diet and is nutritious. In order to create a warm, home-like environment, all faculty and staff have the meals with the students from time to time. This is why we refer to out residences as a ‘home away from home’

Q26 Do we have Gym in our college?

Yes we do, we also request you to have masks while accessing and follow the health regulations issued by the government.

Q27 Will my mentors change, what all responsibilities do my mentors have?

Mentoring is a voluntary and life long process. Mentors are guides. If you want to give your best and want to make difference to your lives. You would be able to get any kind of support the way mentors give. But some things have to be officially followed regarding informing your mentors before moving out of the campus. Mentors are concerned and may have questions pertaining to your security.

Q28 I am from North East, Do we have other people from there on Campus?

We have students from all across India and this helps IILM in maintaining cultural diversity. We have quite a number of students from North East.

Q29 What average salaries have your students received across domains?

We have more than 300 companies to whom we reach out on regular basis. In Finance for a cohort of 40,we had the following companies coming in like: Deloittle & Daisyrow offering 6.8 Lacs, E&Y 6.7 offering Lacs, CIAN Analytics & Ameriprise International offers 5 Lac. The top 50 percentile have received avg.packageof 6.8 Lacs in Finance. Variable components are directly revealed to students. Investment banking and Edtech is also an aspiration sector which we are targeting. Marketing Avg. goes from 7.8 to 10 Lacs. In the area of HR max avg. goes up to 10Lacs. In Big basket for operations profile avg. package was 8 Lacs.

Q30 How will I access my course material and what if I miss my online classes?

We have the facility of an advanced ERP that gives a student end to end solution. We have a robust system, which enables the student to refer to the lesson plan, assignments and lectures in PDF, word and video mode. All students will have a timetable that will be linked to their live classes. We are going to take them through a practice session in the coming weeks for the same