IILM Graduate School of Education believes that research is an essential ingredient of any academic system. The faculty at IILM GSM takes up research (both fundamental and applied) and case studies in business corporations, both individually and in association with national and international organizations.

IILM Center of Management Studies which established in the year 1st April, 1994 has been taking up consulting assignments for corporate bodies with the objective of improving contemporary management practices since its inception ie., 1st April 1993. Consultancy work also involves preparation of project proposals, monitoring mechanisms, baseline and end line surveys, project evaluations, impact assignment documentation for project formulation and policy issues.

IILM Knowledge Center

1. Knowledge Center – Research Ethos

Knowledge creation, assimilation and dissemination are key research objectives at IILM. Research and publication at IILM, focus on direct integration of research, into teaching-learning process. Towards this IILM tries to nurture, inculcate and develop a vibrant research culture in functional areas viz., Accounting, Finance, Marketing, OB, HR, CSR, IT, Economics, International Business etc., IILM provides an excellent opportunity for Research, Consultancy and Training. Research at IILM are encouraged in all spheres viz., action research, applied research and industry focussed research. Our research ethos emphasise on integrating research directly into teaching learning process. IILM motivates faculties to present their intellectual contributions both in national and international academic forum, through a well rounded research funding norms. Our research policy focus on encouraging and exploring new frontiers of knowledge aimed at fostering better learning experience for our students. Research efforts of faculties broadly revolve around publications of research papers and case studies into national / international journals, presentation of research papers in conference of repute, contributions of chapters in books, invited as referees and editors of reputed journals, MDP’s, consultancy assignments etc., Continous and ongoing research by faculties help IILM in building a focussed industry engagement process. Effective dissemination of IILM’s research output amongst our key stakeholders namely academic community, students and industry, facilitates active involvement of IILM faculties in conducting Management Development Programmes (MDP) for Senior/Middle/Junior working executives of corporate houses. Extensive Faculty Development Pogrammes are being organized on a regular scale at IILM.

2. Objectives of Knowledge Center:

As part of its strategic mission, IILM is to focus on ‘application-oriented reserach that flows into teaching learning processes’ through establishment of Knowledge Center. Most progressive organizations have now in place a knowledge policy and a knowledge officer to implement the policy. The objectives of IILM’s Knowlege Center are:

  • To develop a research culture and to work out a research agenda for implementation of the same
  • To identify experts at national level who may be invited to carry out research on topics , as identified in the research agenda
  • To integrate research outputs with the curricula through teaching – learning process, wherever appropriate.
  • To effectively disseminate IILM’s research output for greater visibility amongst our key stakeholders – academic community, students and industry through MDPs among others.

Faculty Research Publications

Raju Majumdar
1. The Determinants of Indebtedness of Unlisted Manufacturing Firms in India: A Panel Data Analysis, Management Research Review, Vol. 37, Issue 9, pp. 833-854, 2014
2. On the alternative proxies for estimating firm growth in empirical corporate finance literature: Evidence from Indian manufacturing sector, South Asian Journal of Management , Vol. 21, No 2, pp. 87-100, 2014
3. Indebtedness of Indian unlisted firms. Decision, Vol. 41, No 3, pp 339-353, July 2014
4. Indebtedness in the small and midcap segments: New evidences from Indian manufacturing sector, Decision, Vol. 41, No 1, pp 99-115, March 2014
5. Does Secured Debt Resolve Agency Conflicts & Problems of Asymmetric Information? Evidence from Indian Corporate Sector, South Asian Journal of Management, Vol. 19, No 4, pp. 110-123, Oct.-Dec. 2012
6. On the Determinants and Role of Secured and Unsecured Debt: Evidences from Indian Corporate Sector, Decision, Vol. 39, No 1, pp. 40-54, April 2012
7. Corporate Borrowing and Growth Opportunities: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Sector, IUP Journal of Applied Finance, Vol. 16, No. 5, pp 23-35, 2010
8. The Determinants of Corporate Debt Maturity: A Study of Indian Firms, IUP Journal of Applied Finance, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp 70-80, 2010

Taruna Gautam
1. “Diversification plans of Prime Technologies”, Management Decision, Vol. 48 No. 3, pp.456 – 464 (Co-authored with Raveesh Agarwal)

Case Development

Case writing helps in generating and promoting knowledge, developing new and innovative ideas in academics, especially in response to the constantly changing business environment. IILM Graduate School of Management has earmarked substantial funds to develop case studies in functional and general management areas. The consultancy and research assignments undertaken by the Institute offer opportunities for case development which, in turn, enriches the class-room teaching.


IILM Graduate School of Management faculty takes up consulting assignments for international and national agencies, government, non-government and the corporate bodies with an objective of improving the contemporary management practices and initiating change interventions in business corporations. The consultancy work also involves preparation of project proposals, monitoring mechanisms, baseline and end line surveys, project evaluations, impact assessment, documentation for project formulation and policy issues.