Learning Infrastructure

Pedagogical approach

Theoverall patternof courses is designed after the best in the business, providing credit for lectures, tutorials as well as a high level of emphasis on practical training. The faculty is assisted by a number of prominent experts from the academia and industry in the formulation of curriculum, policies and procedures. The courses offered are modular since this would allow having some common courses for students from diverse streams, encourage interdisciplinary learning and lead to a well-rounded training.

Students with different backgrounds, qualifications and learning styles are encouraged to use their experiences and perspectives as key learning tools. In both individual and team-based work, students constantly challenge themselves and are inspired to give their best in an academically rigorous yet open-minded environment.

Employability Skills Program

The contemporary times are times of stiff competition and as privatization, liberalization and globalization have widened their domains, the need for skilled people has increased. Most of the technical colleges, as well as business schools now pay a lot of attention on grooming students in special or extra skills. These special skills are a part of the overall development of a student but are very different in nature to the technical skills that students obtain from regular courses. What are these special skills and how can students be groomed in this particular area effectively is the question which is vital to the Employability Skills Development Team at IILM-GSM.

We at IILM-GSM have identified Six Skills that are the primary concern of a recruiter seeking prospective employees. These are:

  • Communication
  • Initiative and Enterprise
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Awareness of Business
  • Continuous Learning

In order to develop students in these areas special value addition courses are being run in the campus. These courses focus upon bridging of gap between 'being a student' and 'an employable professional’, keeping in mind the dynamic and competitive academic and professional environment. The modus operandi is effective in terms of bringing in the changes that are desired and expected after the completion of these courses by the students. First of all the students are being profiled in the category of poor, average and good after conducting extensive individual interview of all the students. This has helped us to categorize the students in three categories i.e. A (good), B (average) and C (poor students) on the basis of their efficiency in the above mentioned parameters. The students who need special attention are identified and they are being provided Communication and Language improvement classes.



The campus has a fully equipped library with the latest computerized multimedia library facilities:

  • Latest and up-to-date reading, research and reference material in print, electronic and audio-visual formats.
  • Large, spacious reading and research rooms provide an environment for study and research work.
  • As per IILM Graduate School of Management tradition, the library has a wide array of books on social issues,autobiographies, encyclopedia and historical readings, in addition to the management field.

Computer Centre

The campus has state-of-the-art computer centers for browsing the internet and for IT- related classes. It is a Wi-Fi enabled educational campus, enabling the students’ access to high speed internet round-the-clock. IILM Graduate School of Management also has a sophisticated web-based intranet system that offers continuous interaction between the faculty and students, online testing and submissions, discussion boards and courseware exchanges.

Lecture Theatres

  • International standard lecture theatres are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with modern audio-visual systems.
  • Aesthetically designed semi-circular classrooms are spacious, airy, well lit and echo- proof to facilitate the teaching-learning process. Special emphasis has been laid on acoustics.
  • Classrooms are designed for conventional lectures and group discussions.
  • Stepped Lecture theatres with the capacity to seat 70 students. Tutorial room used for discussions have seating capacity of 30 students.


A modern state-of-the-art auditorium designed to seat around 250 people. Equipped with the latest audio-visual equipments in a centrally air-conditioned environment, the venue is used for hosting intra and inters college events like seminars, conferences, debates, and cultural activities. The facilities are apt for holding national and international level conferences as well.

Syndicate Rooms

All management programmes have a lot of learning accruing from student’s self directed team work. The campus would provide for separate syndicate rooms with computing facilities for student discussions and group tasks.

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