Student Speak

Student Speak

“Studying in IILM GSM was turning point in my own personality and outlook The focus on case studies and the industry experience of faculty made me more practical which I find very useful in my life.Thanks, IILM GSM you have shaped my career from where I could take further”.- Rijo Mathew (PGDRM-09-11)


IILM GSM helped me build my career based on a very strong foundation of education, values and business skills which is most required in today’s competitive corporate world-Deepshikha Mahajan (08-10 PGDM) Bonton Cables


“Knowledge, discipline and dedication are pre-requisites of achievement and can only be acquired through right people and institution, which I got from my institution, It is the best of everything I got ever in my life.”- Ankita Verma (08-10 PGDM), Asst Manager, Placements, IILM GSM


“Learning material is crisp and to the point. It is not lengthy or boring. It is a well researched material. Moreover, the interaction in the class, the case study discussions are fun”- Mamta Pareek (09-11 PGDRM)


“The guest faculty are very knowledgeable and very effective who made the concepts and doubts clear through very interactive lectures”- Varun Mark Sharma (09-11 PGDRM)

“Generally speaking I had a wonderful time in IILM GSM.I learned a lot and it was the most fun I've ever had at any institute. The atmosphere was very good there, as it was high-level and intense without ever getting competitive or unpleasant.”- Abhinav Tripathi (08-10 PGDM)


“I really enjoy doing the course and find the course work clear and comprehensive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who is seriously interested in getting a formal qualification”-Shaivya Singh (09-11 PGDRM)


The curriculum offered at IILM GSM is oriented towards business realities. Reflection and the capacity to take a step back, to acquire a helicopter vision is inculcated by the faculty here, allowing us to gain a bigger picture of the solutions to bring to an organization. PGDM at IILM GSM brings strong basis to face challenges that awaits us. Facing the rapidly globalization of the markets, the MBA education at IILM provides essential keys of understanding- Saumya Chaturvedi (09-11 PGDM)


At IILM GSM, I have learnt to know how to club different experiences together. This great learning environment has brought out the best in me. I am proud to be a part of this family- Krutika Doshi (09-11 PGDM) 


The approach adopted at IILM seeks to empower the students to harness their potential strengths and emerge as positive, well-informed and confident individuals. Learning is facilitated through classroom discussions, case-studies, presentations, live projects and interaction with senior executives from various industries through guest lectures. All in all, IILM GSM provides ample opportunities to students to bring the best out of them and learn the art of effective management. – Parmit Kumar Jain (09-11 PGDM)


"I always get a high from the kind of energy that prevails on campus. There is so much to do even when there is nothing to do, from struggling to finish assignments to rushing for maggi at 4am." –Kapil Dev Agarwal (09-11 PGDM)


"IILM GSM has provided me the platform to accomplish all my dreams. It has given me an opportunity to unleash my full potential and to materialize my career goals. IILM GSM has prepared me to face every battle in corporate world."- Nikhil Ratra (09-11 PGDM)

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