IGSM has conducive and enabling environment for faculty and staff to sharpen their professional acumen. The only limiting factor could be an individual’s desire to learn and grow. 

Faculty Development Programs (FDP) 

In order to help faculty grow in their area of choice, IGSM has its own FDP calendar where faculty is helped to sharpen their skills in teaching-learning process, case method of teaching, curriculum development etc. In addition, IGSM faculty is encouraged to attend national & international conferences, seminars, and workshops to interact and learn from their peers. 

Faculty Tracks 

IGSM offers immense opportunities to all faculty members and staff to realize their potential and actualize their career and life aspirations.  

We believe that every individual has some unique talent which ones allowed to prosper has the potential to provide a tremendous boost to her/his personal growth. In addition, this would also help the individual extend substantial contribution to IGSM’s goal achievement. 

With this spirit, we have introduced a faculty track system in the institution. Under this system, every faculty is offered to choose any of the three tracks where they feel they have the inherent competence and capacity to contribute. 

The tracks are as follows :

  • Teaching track;
  • Research & Case Writing track; and
  • Consulting & Training track.

Teaching Track: You will have a passion for teaching and inspiring students.  A strong commitment to excellence in teaching and advising students. You should be willing to work in an environment that fosters diversity. 

Research Track: You will focus on conducting application research and developing case studies. You should have strong demonstrated potential and interest to conduct applied research and developing cases at the forefront of your field. 
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Training and Consulting Track: On this track you will focus on in-company training programs, management development programs and consulting. As an academic & practitioner with professional skills and expertise in industry, training and consulting expertise you will complement the teaching and research at IILM with your work in engaging industry. 

Once a faculty has opted for a particular track, the IGSM offers avenues and enablers so the that the concerned faculty may pursue , contribute and grow in the chosen area without any distractions. 


Interaction with Distinguished Personalities

IGSM provides ample opportunity for its faculty to interact, network, learn and  grow by modeling themselves on distinguished luminaries from the academic and the corporate world across geographical boundaries.  

Academic Environment 
An open, transparent and collegial atmosphere at IGSM is most conducive for all academic pursuits. All kinds of resources are available for the faculty to use and grow. 

Social Environment 
IGSM recognizes the importance of right social environment to rejuvenate and to improve the quality of life and work. Major festivals are celebrated with great gaiety and festivity. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in various functions and sessions for improving the quality of work environment. 


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