Guidance Notes for Applicants

The application form is the first stagein the recruitment and selection process and is a key element in being short-listed for an interview and the possible offer of a job. Therefore, it is important that you complete all relevant sections of the application form as clearly and as fully as possible. These notes give guidance on completing the application form and also further information with regard to the post.  

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of the recruitment and selection process, please contact the named person on the further particulars.  


If you require copies of documentation in alternative formats, etc large print, Braille, please contact the named person on the further particulars.  

Equality and Diversity

 IILM GSM is committed to equality and diversity. All employees and applicants for jobs will be considered on their abilities and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of age, caring responsibility, colour, disability, employment status, gender, gender identity, marital status, membership or non-membership of a trade union, nationality, political belief, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or any other irrelevant distinction. As part of this commitment we undertake equal opportunities monitoring of our workforce and also of applicants for jobs to enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of our policies and procedures.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring

To help us in fulfilling our commitment to equality and diversity, all applicants are requested to complete and return the form. If you do not wish to complete a particular section of the form, leave the section blank, but please still return the form. The information on the form will be treated as confidential. The information will be used for statistical purposes only, except for successful candidates, as the data will also form part of their personal, confidential record.   

The Job Description & Person Specification

 Please read these documents carefully before completing the application form.

• The Job Description provides information about the main duties and responsibilities of the post being advertised. It also describes the purpose of the post.

• The Person Specification provides information about the characteristics that are necessary or desirable to perform the duties in the job description i.e. knowledge, skills, experience, abilities and qualifications that the ideal candidate will have to enable them to undertake the job.  

The Application Form

 Key points:

• The form should be typed or written in dark ink for photocopying purposes.

• Take your time, and if you need to, write a rough draft first.

• Applications will also be accepted electronically. By completing and emailing the application form, we understand that you accept the terms of the declaration as detailed on the form and understand that any false statement or omissions may result in your application being withdrawn or your appointment being terminated.  

Additional Supporting Information Section

 • You may wish to enclose a separate typed document, or use additional sheets – if so please indicate on the form that you are doing so, and how many additional pages / sheets are attached. On the typed document / additional sheets it is helpful to put your name on each page and use page numbers, in case the documents become detached from your application form.

• It is important that you address all the criteria listed under the person specification and state how previous and present experience enables you to satisfy each of the criteria, using specific examples that are relevant to the job.

• If you have been out of paid employment for a time, or have never been employed, you may have transferable skills, experience, etc gained through voluntary/unpaid work or any domestic responsibilities or any social/community activities that you undertake.  


 You may if you wish also submit a CV, with your application form, but please note: CVs will not be accepted without a completed application form. For teaching or research posts, applicants should attach a separate sheet(s) or CV, setting out your teaching and research interests, publications by title, reference and date of each publication.  

Covering Notes

 All covering notes should clearly state the post that you are applying for and a note of all the relevant documents sent.  

Education / Qualifications

 Please give details of examinations passed and professional qualifications/awards obtained with grades and dates. Also include qualifications for which you are currently studying.

• For vocational training/other courses: include the name of the institution, the nature of the course and date. This could include in-house training as well as external training courses.  


 • If for any reason you have changed your name e.g. by marriage, deed poll, please indicate the name by which the referee (s) will know you.

• Your references will be taken up if you are short listed, unless you indicate otherwise on the application form. However you should note that if you are successful, references will be taken up with your permission before any appointment is confirmed, and all offers are subject to receipt of satisfactory references.

• It is essential that you give clear and full contact details for your referees, as difficulties in contacting referees and obtaining references may affect the time it takes to confirm an offer of appointment.  


• The application form requires you to sign a declaration stating that the information you have provided is correct to the best of your knowledge.

• Deliberately providing false or inaccurate information or deliberately omitting to provide information requested could result in your application being disqualified. If this only becomes apparent after an offer has been made, the offer may be withdrawn. If this only becomes apparent after commencement of employment in post, this could result in dismissal.  

Deadline for Submission of Application Form

You must ensure that the completed form is submitted by the given deadline, and sent to the appropriate named person on the further particulars, or it will not be considered. IILM GSM cannot be held responsible for application forms lost or delayed in the post, and for emailed application forms: delays or losses caused by systems failures.   

Occupational Health

 All offers are subject to satisfactory medical clearance.  

Making a copy of this form

  You may find it helpful to keep a copy of the completed application form and any further information you have provided, for your own records.

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