Scheduled Events

Our aim is to inform, stimulate and inspire our Alumni

  • To get involved in networking activities 
  • To re-establish old and form new friendships 
  • To attend lectures and seminars 
  • To share with us your career development, achievements and useful experiences.

Past Events

  • Alumni coffee with Director, August 2011
  • Alumni Lunch "Sammelan", February 12, 2012

Forthcoming Events

  • Alumni guest lecture Series: IILM Graduate School of management is focusing on regularly organizing guest lectures of alumni working in respective fields in order to provide know how of the field to present students.

  • News Bulletin: Quarterly newsletter / new bulletin will be circulated to the Alumni. The Newsletter consists of Information about the new initiative taken by the IGSM and about the Career Management Center. Industry Specific Article from the Alumni & Skill-sets required for the industry which will help the current students to prepare them for the final placement. The publication will include a Nostalgia Column along with updates on Alumni achievements etc.

  • Annual Alumni Meet: A regular alumni meet is organized in month of December to assist a fruitful interaction. Amongst the alumni and between alumni and present students. 

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