IILM will be a leader in values based management education and business focused research

 To develop tomorrow’s business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers through:

  • An education based on ethical values resulting in knowledge and skills valued by industry

  • Application oriented research that flows into the teaching-learning process

  • inspirational and creative teaching

  • an outstanding and exceptional learning experience

  Values :

  • A culture of continuous improvement and total quality that encourages creativity and innovation

  • A human resource strategy that values people and teamwork and is committed to employee development and training

  • A deep commitment to sustainable development and a green environment

  • An appreciation of the cultural heritage and socio-economic diversity of India

  • International linkages that promote cross-cultural learning

  • Mutually Beneficial and sustained employer engagement.

Key Themes:       

  • Improving the student experience

  • Maximizing the learning value-add to students from entry to exit       

  • Proactive employer engagement  in the region           


  • People Strategy & Operational effectiveness

  • Infrastructure and ICT

  • Raising the IILM profile

  • Communicating transparently and seamlessly to all stakeholders


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